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《Biomedical: Practical SCI Drawing Tutorial (Photoshop)》

Biomedicine: Practical SCI Drawing Tutorial (Photoshop) Practical Knowledge丨How to make high-quality diagrams and pictures suitable for SCI-indexed journals by using Photoshop High-quality diagrams and figures are the important parts of a high-quality paper. The diagrams and pictures do not only reflect the author's drawing level and scientific research level, but also affects the overall quality of the paper and whether it can be accepted by the target journal. As an extremely powerful image processing software, Photoshop is not only exclusive to online celebrities. Researchers use Photoshop to enable cropping, combination, typesetting, coloring, annotation and other operations of pictures, which not only make the diagrams and figures for scientific research more beautiful and standardized, but also improve the overall grade of the papers. The course will focus on solving the common diagram and figure generation problems in the publication of biomedical papers in SCI-indexed journals. You can easily get started with the step-by-step guided operation using Photoshop even if you do not possess the basic knowledge in using the software.