Book publishing

Merck Handbook on Family Medicine (third edition/translated version)

  • Publisher: People's Medical Publishing House Co., LTD
  • ISBN: 9787117200738
  • Author: Dayi Hu
  • Publication time: 2016-3
  • Format: 16
  • Page: 612
  • Package: Hardcover
  • Languages:Simplified Chinese
Textbook Summary

This is a universal medical book for the whole family, encompassing the common infections in children and the elderly, multiple epidemics, familial genetic diseases, and the scientific, reliable medical knowledge. Merck Family medicine manual to reassure children, so that elders comfortable!

Textbook Recommendation

"Merck Family Medicine Handbook" by the Merck Institute in the United States is co-authored by more than 300 international authoritative medical experts. The book contains about 3 million words. The authority and scientific praise of the book has earned it a reputation of “The World’s Universal Encyclopedia of Family Medicine”.

This book describes the possible causes of disease in all periods of life, from the birth of a person to the whole process of aging, as well as the symptoms, diagnosis, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of the disease in a systematic manner. The book is illustrated and easy to understand, and its distribution contributes to the popularization of modern health and medical knowledge, providing an authoritative solution for the general population to recognize and eventually treat the disease.

Compared with other family medical books, this book is more extensive and in-depth. It sets out what is a disease; who is more likely to get sick; the symptoms of the disease; how to diagnose; how to prevent it; how to treat it, etc., and to give clearly information about the prognosis. This book provides knowledge to help readers understand the background of the disease, including anatomy, function, diagnosis, inspection, medical procedures, etc.

This book enables the readers to understand the medical terminology better so that it will be more convenient for them to communicate with the doctor.

Hu Daiyi is a chief physician, a Professor, a Doctoral tutor, Beijing’s expert with outstanding contribution who enjoys the State Council government expert allowance.

He is a famous cardiovascular disease specialist and a medical educator. He is currently the Director of the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases of the Capital Medical University, director of the Heart Institute of Peking University People's Hospital, head of Cardiology, director of the cardiovascular disease Diagnosis and Treatment center of Beijing Tongren Hospital, chairman of the Cardiovascular Disease branch of the Chinese Medical Association, chairman of the Beijing Cardiovascular Branch of the Chinese Medical Society, and chairman of the Medical Professional Committee , the middle Chairman of the Cardiac pacing and Electrophysiology branch of the National Academy of Biomedical Engineering, and a member of an important academic body at home and abroad, and served as Editor-in-Chief of the Chinese Medicine Guide, Chinese Journal of Arrhythmia and "China Interventional Magazine" as well as the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of several domestic and foreign magazines.